20wicket: Registration, Login, Bonus, And More For Exciting Experience To Earn Money

Are you excited to place bets on some high payouts? Do you want a platform with regular bonuses? 20wicket can be your best bet. An exciting platform with a wide range of betting opportunities available on a secure and safe platform to enjoy risk-free betting. Users have to register for the platform to begin and earn money through exciting features. 

From regular bonuses to smooth payment options, the platform provides a wide range of facilities for users to ensure they enjoy seamless betting. So, if you want to enjoy the same, you need a betting account. Let’s begin to understand more about 20wicket website in detail:

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The Features Offered By 20wicket

The 20wicket com provides various attributes for betting ID users to ensure they enjoy the betting experience. From secure platforms to customer support teams, betting ID users will get a range of features to enjoy betting. These features help users to have a smooth experience and enhance the overall betting process to earn money. You can make an account to begin your betting experience and take advantage of some of the features listed below:

20wicket Bonus and Promotional

Some Attractive Bonus And Promotional Offers For Users

To attract new and existing users, the platform provides regular bonuses and promotional offers. These bonuses are additional profits for users that they can use to place bets and earn money. Every new user when making an ID or registering on the platform receives a 100% welcome bonus. Similarly, all new and existing users get a 10% bonus on the deposit they make up to 15000. 

The users are also provided with free bets up to Rs 15000. These bonuses and free bets are offered regularly to ensure users enjoy their betting experience and receive exciting bets. So, you can check bonus and promotional offers for your betting experience. Are you ready for some exciting bonus? Check 20 wicket for your betting experience. 

20wicket Security

Secure And Risk-Free Betting Platform

The platform and mobile app by https://20wicket.com are secure and safe to operate for betting. They have a standard and strict verification process for new users to ensure they are taking genuine users onboard. In addition, the platform implements all the required technology to ensure the website and mobile apps are safe to use. 

They also suggest ways and methods for users to ensure they protect their data as required. The platform has some vulnerable user information, there are regular transactions taking place. So, securing and offering risk-free betting is important. Users with 20wicket betting accounts get a range of features and a secure platform to place bets and protect their data. 

20wicket Competitive Pay Outs

Competitive Pay Outs

The 20 wicket.com offers competitive odds and payouts to ensure users are getting wider opportunities to earn more money through bets. Here are some of the competitive payouts by 20wicket .com:

  • Allowing users to analyse trends and associated odds and possibilities. 
  • Placing bets based on the assessment of the game and expect winnings as per their judgements.
  • The betting account allows users to monitor their results on various betting options. 
  • Users can generate results in Indian rupee for all the events and betting options.
20wicket Live Streaming and Betting

Live Streaming and Betting

The betting platform offers live streaming and betting for users. There are many cricket matches including international domestic, ICC tournaments, and private leagues that are live one or the other day. Users can livestream these matches and place bets simultaneously. In addition to all the betting options available, users can play live matches of cricket and place bets. 

Users also have live casinos where they can play and place bets to earn money. Both these cricket games and casinos operate based on knowledge and luck for various individuals when placing bets. So, do you love live betting? Then opt for 20wicket Id.  

Extensive Betting Markets For Cricket And Casino

20wicket site provides users with extensive betting options where users can place bets and earn money. The online platforms provide users with wide opportunities through cricket and casino betting markets where bettors place bets in wide areas. There are many betting opportunities for users such as roulette, slot, blackjack, T20, One-day international, test, and more. The extensive betting markets allow bettors to bet on pre-match, live matches, and in-game betting like casinos. Here are some of the betting options in the market:


Game Type 


Live Betting

Streaming Options

Sports Game


Global Coverage

One Day matches, T20, private leagues, International games. 

Casino Games

Blackjack, Blackjack, Roulette, Slot, Poker,  and more. 

20wicket Customer Support Service

The 20wicket app offers a 24×7 customer support service team for users to resolve their queries anytime and begin betting. Users can connect with the customer service team for registration, betting account, betting option, transaction, or any other query that they might have related to the betting platform. 

The customer support team is available to users through various communication methods such as WhatsApp, Phone number, email, SMS, and more. You can connect with the team on WhatsApp anytime to resolve instant queries. If you need a detailed query and want to keep a record, email is the best option. The team will reach out to you as soon as they can to resolve your query. The customer support team offers a range of advantages for users such as: 

  • Round-the-clock availability of a team with friendly and quick support. 
  • Availability of customer support on the majority of communication methods. 
  • Quickly resolving customer queries related to any topic. 
  • Providing easy-to-follow instructions and assistance on email, WhatsApp, and more.
20wicket customer care

20wicket Payment Methods For Users

To place bets on various options available, users need to add money to their account. Similarly, when users earn money through bets, they can withdraw. To add and withdraw money through your betting account, there are various payment methods that you can use. The platform provides a range of payment options that you can opt for transactions. 

These methods include net banking, UPI, and digital wallets. You can select these methods as required to add and withdraw money in your betting account. The limit for deposit and withdrawal on 20wicket is Rs 49500. Here are some of the steps to add or withdraw money from your account:

  • Visit your betting account with a betting ID and password. You will be directed to the dashboard.
  • You can check the payment section. Select whether you want to add or withdraw money.
  • Select your payment method, add all the required details, submit and proceed with the transaction.

20wicket Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

The 20wicket official website and mobile app have deposit and withdrawal methods. You need a certain amount in your account to make bets. Similarly, there is a standard minimum withdrawal for users. The deposit and withdrawal options for users include NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Jio Money, Paytm, Google Pay, Bharat Pe, etc. There are numerous advantages of deposit and withdrawal methods such as:

  • You can make deposits 24×7.
  • You can withdraw money 24×7 within 10 minutes of winning.
  • You can withdraw and deposit money on your own with simple steps. 
  • Transactions are made in Indian Rupees. 
20wicket com withdrawal

20wicket: A licensed and registered betting platform

The 20wicket.com.in is a legal and registered platform with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports. So, users can ensure they are placing bets on legal and genuine platforms to earn money. The platform offers a range of features and facilities for all users to enjoy the betting experience. 

20wicket Online Betting ID Registration Process

To enjoy a secure and reliable betting experience, you need to follow the 20wicket registration and login process. The platform will allow you to follow some steps to register for a betting account that you can use to log in to a website and mobile app for betting. Bettors can also take a demo account before following a registration process to understand how a betting account works. It will give you a glimpse of the betting account by www.20wicket.com

Registration Steps To Get Betting ID

To register at 20wicket, you need to follow some simple steps, these steps are easy to follow. You can register for your betting account on a website or mobile app using these steps. 

  1. Visit the official website or download the app. You can also consult the customer support team to directly take registration links.
  2. Open your desired device for registration, and click on “ Signup”.
  3. You will be directed to another page where you have to share basic details like name, phone number, and registered email address. 
  4. Begin setting up a unique username and password. Make sure you follow all the standard rules and regulations when setting up passwords to protect your account.
  5. Once you set up a detailed password, click on submit and you will get your  20wicket betting ID and password. In addition, the platform will also ask for details like Aadhar card, and PAN card to ensure the user is genuine.
20wicket Registration

20wicket Login Steps For Users

Similar to registration, the login process for users is safe and easy to follow. You can use a betting ID to log in on a website or mobile app as required by your accounts. To give you an idea and simple steps, you can follow this:

Steps for iOS users

  • Visit a website or iOS mobile app for iPhone or iPad.
  • Fill in your username and password. You will reach your betting account dashboard where you can add deposits, place bets, and withdraw money.

Steps for Android users

  • Visit a website or Android mobile app.
  • Enter your betting account ID and password. You reach your betting account dashboard where you can add deposits, place bets, and withdraw money.

Process To Place Bets On 20wicket Using Your Betting ID

So, are you ready to place bets on 20wicket apk? With our betting account, you proceed with placing bets on various cricket and casino games. Play games you enjoy and enjoy live cricket betting. All you should do is follow some simple steps to enjoy betting without hassle. To make it easy, we have enlisted these simple steps: 

  1. Visit the official website or mobile app to begin. 
  2. Enter your 20wicket cricket betting ID and password, and click on submit to log into your account. You will be directed or reached to a betting account dashboard. 
  3. To begin, you have to deposit money into your betting account. Select the payment method you want to opt for. Add the amount and verify payment methods. 
  4. Fill in all the details and submit to proceed with the transaction. 
  5. Once an amount is added to your account, you can opt for various betting options such as casino games, and cricket games. Select the betting option to place bets and enjoy.
20wicket com

Betting Options At 20wicket

There are numerous betting options to place bets on games. Users are offered a range of betting options, so you can place bets and enjoy the betting experience. 

  • Live matches: Many live matches stream simultaneously with betting. You can place bets on live matches to get instant results and earn money. 
  • Pre-match: Make the prediction before starting a match and earn money on every right prediction you make.
  • Casino games: There are various live casino games that you can play and bet to earn more.

Features of games 

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Wide variety

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How to Download The 20wicket Mobile Application?

The mobile application for 20wicket is available on both Android and iOS. You can download the app on your device and earn money. Mobile apps for betting provide more convenience and ease of betting experience. To download the app, you can follow these simple steps: 


Steps to download 20wicket Android mobile app

  • Visit the official website to get a download link or consult customer support for the link. You can also visit the Google play store to download the app. 
  • Download and install the app to start your betting with a betting ID. 

Steps to download 20wicket iOS mobile app

  • Visit the official website to get an iOS download link or consult customer support for the link. You can also visit iTunes to download the app. 
  • Download and install the 20wicket mobile app on an iPad or iPhone to start your betting with a betting ID. 

Beware Of Betting Scams And Frauds

Betting involves a lot of transactions, predictions, and more. To ensure you are safe from unwanted fraudulent activities, and scams, you need to follow all rules and regulations. Make sure you get betting ID from a genuine ID provider and place bets with a registered platform. It will ensure you are enjoying a betting experience with a secure platform. 

How To Avoid Losses On 20wicket?

The best way to avoid losses on 20wickets is to place bets after learning about the game and platform. Start with a minimum amount and increase the betting account when you learn more. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to avoid losses: 

  • Research odds, bets, and other details. 
  • Avoid placing bets if you do not understand the terms. 
  • You must set up a budget limit on betting as it can be addictive. 
  • Place bets only that you can afford to lose. 
  • Do not place bets depending on someone else’s decisions. 
  • Make sure you research all the games before you begin.


What is the minimum age requirement to use the 20wicket?

The 18+ years old can place bets on the account as betting for minors is not legal.

How much money can be wagered on 20wicket.com?

The amount that can be wagered on 20wicket.bet has a standard rule. At Least Rs 150 for deposit and Rs 500 for withdrawal is required. The limit for deposit and withdrawal is Rs 49,500.

Is 20wicket legal in India?

Yes! 20wicket is a registered and legal platform to place bets. 

Is it possible to instantly withdraw winnings from 20wicket.com?

Yes! You can withdraw within 10 minutes of winning your bet.

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