20Wicket Registration and Login ID For Your Best Casino and Cricket Betting ID

Are you willing to bet on the best online gambling platforms through 20Wicket? Then, you need to understand the process of 20Wicket registration or sign up to make the steps very easy for you. We also offer our new users a 100% welcome bonus, so choosing us will be an effective option for you. 

If you want to sign up for the best 20Wicket ID, you must register with certain personal information, including your mobile number, email ID, and gender. It is also essential for you to verify your account with an OTP on your mobile number. You have to create a unique username for your ID. Creating and registering your gambling account on our website is very easy. 

So, you must contact our customer support team via email, WhatsApp, and direct call to get your 20Wicket betting ID and complete your first deposit for a 100% welcome bonus

Process and Steps of 20Wicket to Create a Betting Account

The proper steps that you must follow while creating your gambling account on our website are:

  • All the users must visit our official website login link and then click on the ‘Create Account’ section of the website. 
  • After this, you must enter your personal information, including your email address, mobile number, and gender. 
  • You have to then choose a unique username for your ID and set a strong password. 
  • After you have selected and submitted all this information, you will receive an OTP, which will verify your mobile number efficiently. 
  • After entering your OTP, you must check and confirm all the terms and conditions on our website.
  • After you click submit, your gambling account will be created on our website, and withdrawal and deposit schemes will be available through your 20Wicket cricket Betting ID.
20wicket Sign Up Form
20wicket Login Form

The online gambling world is effectively changing every year in India, and we are bringing new concepts to our users on our official website. As we have the most simple and convenient registration process, our website has become one of the most popular destinations for experienced users and new bettors. It will only take 30 seconds for you to sign up for your best 20Wicket Login ID. The bettors can always take advantage of the features and offers we provide to our customers on the official website. 

Here, we have mentioned how you can easily create your betting account on 20Wicket.com using personal information and generating a password according to security guidelines. Authentication and verification of your account is also important for safety purposes. If you are an experienced user looking forward to something new or want to start your gambling journey by creating an account, then understanding how to create a betting account on our official website is very important for you to have the best experience. 

20Wicket sign up

Details and Types of Personal Information Required for Registration on 20Wicket

To complete the sign-up on our official website, 20Wicket will require you to provide certain private information. These generally are mobile number, address, name, email address, and date of birth. After this, you must choose a unique username for your ID and create a strong password to meet all our security requirements. 

Also, the users must provide their residential details and accept all the terms and conditions of signing up on our website. All the information you provide on our website should be accurate to complete a successful registration process.

Guidelines to Create a Secure Account on 20Wicket

To create the most secure account, you must have a strong password to protect all your personal information, such as financial data, from any cybercrime. A good, strong password will have at least eight characters in its length, which will be a mixture of lowercase, uppercase, symbols, and numbers. It is also very essential for you to create differential passwords for all your online accounts and avoid any common phrase or word. In addition, we recommend that our users update their passwords regularly to ensure maximum online security. 






Use More than eight characters with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.



Update your password regularly for maximum protection and security.


Common Phrases or Words

Create unique passwords for every online account and avoid using common words or phrases. 

20wicket Registration

Requirements for Creating a Secure Account on 20Wicket

To create an official betting account on 20Wicket com, all individuals must follow specific requirements, which include being over 18 years of age. Provide a valid PAN number and Aadhar card for KYC verification. Provide a proper 10-digit mobile number. Only one account will be provided for each user using the same PAN card and Aadhar number. 

All the personal details on the website must be accurate to avoid any suspicious activities on the betting account. If any such activities are seen on your account, it will be deactivated without proper notice. So we recommend all our users to take proper caution while filling in their registration details as incorrect information will cause unwanted consequences for your entertainment. 

Details of the Process of Authentication and Verification

Authenticating your online account on our website will require you to submit the proper details of your PAN number and Aadhar card. As you submit your additional information properly, your account will be authenticated. After creating your account, you must log in to your official account and upload copies of the Aadhar Card and PAN number. The users must also submit missing details such as address, contact information, and name. 

After you enter all this information, your official account will be verified, and we will check that all your documents are authenticated and genuine for your account. This process is performed to ensure integrity and security on our website. The verification process helps us assure our customers that all that data is secure and safe with us on the best gambling platform.

If you also want to have the best experience of life casino games and place your bets on the best sports events, then register for your 20Wicket Betting ID now.


Is It Possible to Sign-up for Your 20Wicket Online Betting ID For Free?

Creating an ID on our official website is completely free. All our users can quickly register for their accounts without paying additional fees. You must provide concise and accurate details to make the registration process quick and effective.

What are the Various Types of Payment Methods Accepted for the 20Wicket Registration?

The different types of methods of payment that are accepted for the 20Wicket.com registration include net banking like NEFT, RTGS IMPS, or E-Wallet payment, which Jio money, Paytm, and UPI payments including Phone Pe, Bharat Pe, and Google Pay.

Are There Additional Fees Required for the 20Wicket Registration?

The registration or the signing process generally does not involve any additional fees, but transaction fees or set-up costs may be included, depending upon the user. You can contact our customer support team for more information regarding the registration process.